The following rules must be considered and observed by all participating teams:

• All team members are students at a Swedish university.

• Be a student and have a valid student license for the spring of 2017 and study an economic related course.

• A team must consist of 3- 4 participants.

• Two core members must remain in the team from Qualification until Final.

• The case solution must be presented in a Power Point presentation consisting of maximum 5 slides, of which one must be an executive summary.

• The solution must be presented in English.

• All external sources used must be presented in an appendix which is not included in the 5 slides limit.

• The built in animations features are prohibited to use.

• The selection case shall be e-mailed to with the subject “Solution for Best in Business 2017 + the team’s name” no later than April 2 23:59.

The jury evaluating the solutions will pay special attention to the following attributes:

– Presentation

– Storyboarding and structure of the presentation

– Problem analysis

– Identification of future perspectives

– Methodology

– Solution

– Solution should match the problem

– Consideration of alternative solutions

– Innovativeness and creativity

– Feasibility and sustainability of the solution