The association

Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association (Uppsalaekonomerna) is a non-profit studentorganisation and student union for business and economics students at Uppsala university. The association has over 2500 members where 350 is involved in projects and activities. Uppsalaekonomerna is one of the biggest student associations in Uppsala and one of the biggest for business and economics students in Sweden. The association’s activities is divided in three areas: leisure, future and studies where the ultimate purpose is to monitor and improve the education through evaluation and involvement together with the students and university.

In the leisure area, the association works for a meaningful and enjoyable student experience outside of academics through parties, events, games and sports, among other things. Through good connections and close relationships with the business world and market – and activities as lectures, visits, case competitions, job ads and informal meetings the members in Uppsalaekonomerna get a chance for a prosperous future. As a student union for the business department and economics department Uppsalaekonomerna works with study monitoring.

The association is led by the board who is responsible for the long term and strategic issues. The operative work is led by the presidium who together with the other 30 trustees are responsible for all daily activities and projects.

Föreningen Uppsalaekonomerna
Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B
753 12 Uppsala
Tel: 018-471 69 70
E-mail: info@uppsalaekonomerna.se
Website: www.uppsalaekonomerna.com